Groceries and Takeaways Delivered in Ulverston

Shops and restaurants currently delivering food, supplies groceries and takeaways in Ulverston during Covid-19 lockdown

Most of the community have been affected by the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. However, restaurants and shops in Ulverston are working hard to look after the community and supply them with food, drinks, household goods, toiletries and pet food.

Ulverstontakeaway.com is a free site helping those who are self isolating to find groceries and takeaways in Ulverston, as well as household necessities.

If you’re a business and you’re wanting to provide information to Ulverston and South Lakes residents, use the contact button above. You can send info on your stock levels, your delivery dates and how you prefer people to place an order. Finally, make sure you provide your contact information in case we need to check any details with you.

This service is free, you won’t be charged in any way.

Support your local businesses, check in on one another and stay safe. By working together, we’ll soon get through this situation.

If you’re self isolating or want to provide support to others in the area who are vulnerable, considering joining the dedicated Facebook group.

Finally, volunteers serving the Ulverston and Crake valley area have set up an information line and support network. You can find details on Ulverston.com.