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Cheese and tomato 

9inch Margherita £6.20

12inch Margherita £7.80

14inch Margherita £9.20

16inch Margherita £11.40


9inch Alfunghi £6.90

12inch Alfunghi £8.60

14inch Alfunghi £10.10Add

16inch Alfunghi £12.40Add

Chicken and mushroom 

9inch Pollo £7.30Add

12inch Pollo £9.00Add

14inch Pollo £10.50Add

16inch Pollo £12.80Add

Ham and pineapple 

9inch Hawaiian £7.30Add

12inch Hawaiian £9.00Add

14inch Hawaiian £10.50Add

16inch Hawaiian £12.80Add

Bacon and Sausage 
Smoked sausage and streaky bacon 

9inch Bacon and Sausage £7.30Add

12inch Bacon and Sausage £9.00Add

14inch Bacon and Sausage £10.50Add

16inch Bacon and Sausage £12.80Add

Mexican Salami 
Salami, spicy chicken and jalapeno 

9inch Mexican Salami £7.60Add

12inch Mexican Salami £9.30Add

14inch Mexican Salami £10.80Add

16inch Mexican Salami £13.10Add

Spicy Hot Shot 
Jalapeno, garlic sausage and pepperoni 

9inch Spicy Hot Shot £7.60Add

12inch Spicy Hot Shot £9.30Add

14inch Spicy Hot Shot £10.80Add

16inch Spicy Hot Shot £13.10Add

Double pepperoni 

9inch Pepperoni £7.60Add

12inch Pepperoni £9.30Add

14inch Pepperoni £10.80Add

16inch Pepperoni £13.10Add

Tandoori Chicken 
Tandoori chicken, mushroom and onion 

9inch Tandoori Chicken £7.60Add

12inch Tandoori Chicken £9.30Add

14inch Tandoori Chicken £10.80Add

16inch Tandoori Chicken £13.10Add

Meatballs and smoked sausage 

9inch Meatballs £7.60Add

12inch Meatballs £9.30Add

14inch Meatballs £10.80Add

16inch Meatballs £13.10Add

Donner Pizza 
Donner meat, onion and mixed pepper 

9inch Donner Pizza £7.70Add

12inch Donner Pizza £9.40Add

14inch Donner Pizza £10.90Add

16inch Donner Pizza £13.20Add

Vegeterian Special 
Onion, olives, sweetcorn, mushroom and mixed pepper 

9inch Vegeterian Special £8.00Add

12inch Vegeterian Special £9.70Add

14inch Vegeterian Special £11.20Add

16inch Vegeterian Special £13.50Add

Chicken Feast 
Chicken, speicy chicken, chinese chicken, chicken tikka and garlic butter 

9inch Chicken Feast £8.10Add

12inch Chicken Feast £9.80Add

14inch Chicken Feast £11.30Add

16inch Chicken Feast £13.60Add

Texas bbq Chicken 
BBQ sauce, BBQ chicken, streaky bacon, onions and peppers 

9inch Texas Bbq Chicken £8.10Add

12inch Texas Bbq Chicken £9.80Add

14inch Texas Bbq Chicken £11.30Add

16inch Texas Bbq Chicken £13.60Add

Meat Lovers Delight 
Meatballs, smoked sausage, pepperoni and chicken 

9inch Meat Lovers Delight £8.10Add

12inch Meat Lovers Delight £9.80Add

14inch Meat Lovers Delight £11.30Add

16inch Meat Lovers Delight £13.60Add

Garlic butter, tuna, prawn and mushroom 

9inch Seafood £8.50Add

12inch Seafood £10.20Add

14inch Seafood £11.70Add

16inch Seafood £14.00Add

Mighty Meaty 
Spicy beef, streaky bacon, smoked sausage and pepperoni 

9inch Mighty Meaty £8.50Add

12inch Mighty Meaty £10.20Add

14inch Mighty Meaty £11.70Add

16inch Mighty Meaty £14.00Add

Sizzle in Special 
Onion, olives, pepperoni, ham, garlic, sausage, salami, mixed pepper and mushroom 

9inch Sizzle in Special £8.50Add

12inch Sizzle in Special £10.20Add

14inch Sizzle in Special £11.70Add

16inch Sizzle in Special £14.00Add

Meat Special 
Pepperoni, ham, garlic sausage, salami, chicken and spicy beef 

9inch Meat Special £8.70Add

12inch Meat Special £10.40Add

14inch Meat Special £11.90Add

16inch Meat Special £14.20Add


Meals comes with fries and salad 

Margherita Calzone 

Cheese, tomato and garlic butter £5.40Add

Ham Calzone 

Cheese, tomato, garlic butter and ham £5.70Add

Spicy Calzone 

Cheese, tomato, garlic butter, pepperoni and jalapenos £5.90Add

Vegetarian Calzone 

Cheese, tomato, garlic butter, mushroom, onion, mixed pepper and sweetcorn £5.90Add

Bacon and Sausage Calzone 

Cheese, tomato, garlic butter, smoked sausage and streaky bacon £6.10Add

Special Calzone 

Cheese, tomato, garlic butter, donner meat, onion and chilli £6.30Add

Meat Special Calzone 

Cheese, tomatoe, Garlic butter, Pepperoni, ham, garlic sausage, salami, chicken and spicy beef £6.40Add


All kebabs are served with either salad & pitta, salad & fries or with salad on naan(extra 30p) and a choice of one sauce 

Donner Kebab £6.00Add

Kebab Meals 

Kebab Meal 
All kebab meals are served on a garlic bread with fresh salad, fries and a choice of one sauce 

Donner Kebab Meal £7.00Add


Vegi Burger 

Small Vegi Burger £3.80Add

Large Vegi Burger £4.80Add

Chicken Burger 

Small Chicken Burger £3.90Add

Large Chicken Burger £4.90Add

Hot and Spicy Chicken Burger 

Hot and Spicy Chicken Burger £4.40Add



BBQ Chicken Wrap 

Chicken fillet, lettuce and bbq sauce £4.50Add

Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap 

Chicken fillet, lettuce and sweet chilli sauce £4.50Add

Donner Wrap 

Donner meat, lettuce and choice of one sauce. £4.50Add



2 Meat and Peas Samosa £2.60Add

Potato Wedges £2.60Add

9pcs Onion Rings £2.90Add

9pcs Garlic Mushrooms £3.00Add

5pcs bbq Chicken Wings £3.20Add

5pcs Hot Chicken Wings £3.20Add

4pcs Mozzarella Sticks £3.50Add



Coleslaw £1.00Add

Plain Salad 

Lettuce, tomato, sweetcorn, cheese and mayo £3.40Add

Chicken Salad 

Pieces of chicken added to plain salad £4.40Add

Spicy Chicken Salad 

Pieces of hot and spicy chicken added to plain salad £4.40Add

Side Orders 

Side Orders 

Fries and sauce £2.10Add

Pitta Bread £0.60Add

Naan £1.00Add

2pcs Hash Brown £1.40Add

Fries £1.90Add

Fries and Cheese £2.70Add

Garlic Bread £3.50Add

Garlic Bread with Cheese £4.30Add


Small Tomato Dip £0.40Add

Large Tomato Dip £0.60Add

Small Chilli Dip £0.40Add

Large Chilli Dip £0.60Add

Small Garlic Mayo Dip £0.40Add

Large Garlic Mayo Dip £0.60Add

Small Mexican Dip £0.40Add

Large Mexican Dip £0.60Add

Small bbq Dip £0.40Add

Large bbq Dip £0.60Add

Small Sweet Chilli Dip £0.40Add

Large Sweet Chilli Dip £0.60Add

Small Mayonnaise Dip £0.40Add

Large Mayonnaise Dip £0.60Add


All chicken meals are served with fries and choice of dip 

S.F.C Mini Chicken Fillets 

3pcs S.F.C Mini Chicken Fillets 

3Pcs southern fried mini chicken fillets £4.30Add

4pcs S.F.C Mini Chicken Fillets 

4Pcs southern fried mini chicken fillets £4.80Add

Kids Meals 

Kids Meals 
All Kids Meals are served with fries and a choice of drink 

Kids Donner Meat Meal £3.80Add

Kids (4 Chicken Nuggets) Meal £3.80Add

Kids 7inch Margherita Meal £3.80Add

Meal Deals 



Pepsi Can £0.90Add

Diet Pepsi Can £0.90Add

Fanta Can £0.90Add

7up Can £0.90Add


Coke Bottle £2.00Add

Diet Coke Bottle £2.00Add

Pepsi Bottle £2.00Add

Tango Bottle £2.00Add

Beer and Wine 


Budweiser £1.50Add

Stella Artois £1.50Add

White Wine 

Liebfraumilch White Wine £5.90Add

Miarcel Hubert White Wine £6.50Add

Blossom Hill White Wine £6.90Add

Red Wine 

Chianti Red Wine £6.90Add

Blossom Hill Red Wine £6.90Add

Wolf Blass Red Wine £9.90Add



Caramel Apple Pie £2.00Add

Chocolate Fudge Cake £2.00Add

Carrot Cake £2.00Add

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