Lotus Chinese

The Lotus Chinese takeaway Ulverston is now OPEN every day except Tuesday for deliveries and takeaways! Scroll down to view the menu

Lotus Chinese Menu
Lotus Chinese Menu
Lotus Chinese Menu Ulverston

After being closed for almost a month, the Lotus has now reopened so residents can get their Chinese takeaway fix!

We recommend the Ku Po, which is slightly spicy and packed with cashew nuts. Chilli Sour is also delicious and the Salt and Pepper chips are also a favourite in our house.

Lucy and her team will happily cater for your dietary requirements.

Most of the community have been affected by the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. However, restaurants and shops in Ulverston are working hard to look after the community and supply them with food, drinks, household goods, toiletries and pet food.

The Lotus is the first Chinese takeaway to reopen. After being closed for almost a month, people will be ready for their takeaway fix!

The Lotus has been a mainstay in Ulverston for over a decade. Additionally, this family run restaurant will be happy to cater to any requirements you have. For vegetarians there are lots of options – I usually get mushroom Ku Po, it’s delicious! 😋

Finally, The Lotus has a 5 Hygiene rating according to ScoresontheDoors

Lotus Ulverston takeaway hygiene rating
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