Beijing Garden Chinese Takeaway

The Beijing Garden Chinese Ulverston is now reopen!

Order over the phone, open every night except TUESDAY. Delivery is also available

There are screens at the counter. Two people are allowed in the shop. If you arrive at the takeaway and someone is inside collecting their order, please queue outside until it’s safe for you to collect your meal

After being closed for almost a month, the Beijing Garden is open 6 nights a week. So residents can get their Chinese takeaway and fish bar fix!

As well as offering a massive selection of Chinese dishes, the Beijing Garden Chinese Ulverston is well known for its fish and chips. You can order a selection of the usual “chippy” dishes, such as sausage and chips, fish and chips and gravy.

The Beijing Garden Chinese Takeaway team will happily cater for your dietary requirements.

The community in Ulverston is heavily affected by Covid-19. However, restaurants and shops in Ulverston are working hard to look after the community and supply them with food, drinks, household goods, toiletries and pet food.

The Beijing Garden has been closed for almost a month. People will be therefore be ready for their takeaway fix!

The family-run takeaway has been a mainstay in Ulverston for over a decade. They’re open every night except for TUESDAY. For vegetarians there are lots of options! 😋

Finally, The Beijing Garden has a Hygiene rating of 4 according to ScoresontheDoors

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