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Ulverston takeaway and food deliveries. Full list of all restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars providing contactless collections or food delivered to your door.

Many small restaurants, bars and cafes in Ulverston closed due to Covid-19 government regulations. However, a handful of independent businesses are still working hard to provide amazing food, meals, drinks and supplies to residents. This page shows all restaurants providing the people of Ulverston takeaway and food deliveries.

Ulverston takeaway and food deliveries provides all the information you need to order food and keep healthy during covid-19 lockdown. If you’re unsure which food outlets are still providing food, drinks and takeaways, you can use ulverstontakeaway.com to get opening times, menus, phone numbers and collection information. Plan your next takeaway and find out which Ulverston restaurants will deliver to your door.

Some of these restaurants offer home delivery. You can order online or pay over the phone, or send money by bank transfer and your food will be quickly delivered to your door. Other outlets have a contactless collection service. Being locked down is tough, but with so many of our favourite restaurants still providing food there’s no reason you can’t treat yourself.

Ulverston – the foodie hotspot of the North

Although Ulverston is a pretty small town, we’ve an abundance of awesome food outlets. From Chinese, Indian and Thai to artisan pizza, homemade pasta, comfort food, desserts and more. Of course, during times when we aren’t locked down due to the covid-19 pandemic, most of us can happily visit our favourite places regularly. But as we navigate this trying time, so our local businesses are literally fighting to survive. Consequently, t’s time to support our local industry and let them take care of our dinner!

Also, what would we do if we were to lose our favourite restaurants, bars and cafes? Our awesome high street would be a different landscape altogether. No more date nights at Bici. And no more cheeky Chinese takeaway from the Rainbow on a weekend. Say sayonara to your Friday night curry from Aroma.

With Ulverstontakeaway.com, we’ve tried to highlight the restaurants and cafes who are still trying to look after the local community. Those who are open or offering delivery service to the town

If you’re an Ulverston food outlet and would like to share your menu, please contact us using our contact form. You can send info on your menu, your delivery details and how you prefer people to place an order. Finally, be sure you provide your contact information in case we need to check any details with you.

Stay safe!

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