Support Ulverston Food Bank

Ulverston food bank supports those in our town who need a helping hand.

Join Extinction Rebellion Furness Two-Tin Challenge

Extinction Rebellion are supporting local food banks by collecting from resident’s doorsteps. Arrange your collection and find out more:

Donate Directly to Ulverston Food Bank and the Trussel Trust

Donate or volunteer your support the food bank. In partnership with The Trussell Trust, you can find out how to donate here:

There are a number of ways you can support your local community. One of those is to donate to the Food Bank and help those less fortunate than you.

Food banks in the UK have appealed to communities to keep donating to their local cause through the Covid-19 crisis. Local residents can support in Ulverston by donating at the till in Booths, by contacting the Trussell Trust or Extinction Rebellion.

If you can spare a couple of tins of food, or you’ve non-perishables which you’d be happy to donate, these causes are crying out for your support. By getting involved and supporting your town, you’re making a difference to someones live at a time of crisis. 👏

Little acts of kindness will help get us through this situation!

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