Cut the Wrap are delivering groceries to Ulverston and the surround areas! 👏

Tuesday- Ulverston and Kirkby through to Barrow

Thursday- Ulverston, Haverthwaite, Grange and villages en route.

Friday- Ulverston and surrounding.

If you get your order through via email, messenger or text we will endeavour to process it the same day and deliver the following location- specific day.

If you’re looking for essential supplies and you care about the environment, Cut the Wrap are still delivering groceries to Ulverston. They sell quality pantry essentials without the plastic wrapping, meaning you can order exactly what you need without needing to fill your black bin with waste.

The benefit of buying in this way is clear. Additionally, while we’re under lockdown it also means you can get those hard-to-find groceries. For example, cut-the-wrap can deliver flour so you don’t have to queue at the supermarket.

To order, pick your items from the list and send a text to Paul and Cat. Make sure you are patient and let them know how urgent the delivery is. Cut the Wrap sell hundreds of products, for example teas, baking ingredients, grains, cereals and other dry foods.

Stay safe and #stayhome, Cut the Wrap will bring your groceries to your door.

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